All of the orgasms in fic are so violent. His orgasm came like a punch to the gut. It hit him like a mack truck. It knifed him in a fucking alley. What these orgasms need is a good education.

the orgasm tapped him on the shoulder politely because it wasn’t raised in a goddamn barn

By the time he came back to himself, the orgasm had washed the dishes, vacuumed the living room, and retrieved his lost house key from under the chaise lounge.

BASTILLE - Icarus (Instrumental Ver.)


no but like can we talk about how stiles and lydia perceive kate?

you would think that in a situation like this, the first description of her to kira and malia would be something along the lines of “she was a hunter who went against the code who was thought to be dead and somehow isn’t and is extremely dangerous” but instead…

lydia says she was “allison’s aunt, and a total sociopath” - she describes kate in reference to allison

stiles calls her “the one that set the fire that killed most of derek’s family” - he describes kate in reference to derek

scott, in telling the group that they deserve to know who she is, suggests that before all else she is a villain and a threat to them - but lydia and stiles still see her as the woman who hurt the ones they loved fuck fuck fuck this hurts

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